Four Ways Content Marketing can Help Grow Your PEO

Having an online presence is everything. It is the bread and butter of your company, and your website is your lifeline to the audience you’re wanting to reach: prospects and clients. As a professional employer organization (PEO), your company has the unique flexibility to partner with various industries.

If you’re not capitalizing on digital content to explain the benefits of those relationships (and showcase your client success by partnering with you), you’re missing out on not only potential clients but on revenue as well.

As a leader in PEO public relations, we at Ripley PR understand the importance of catering content to your audience. We know how to elevate your company and your brand above your competitors with strategic website content.

Here are four ways you can use strategic content marketing right now to help your PEO grow:

  1. Increase visibility and boost SEO (and sales) – By creating content that is relevant to your audiences, you can leverage your company’s expertise and put you in a position that dominates your Google ranking, and your industry.
  2. Get in front of the right publics – There are lots of businesses out there that would greatly benefit from partnering with a PEO. It’s possible these businesses have considered a PEO before or, maybe they didn’t know you were an option. By providing custom content to the right audiences, you can maximize awareness of the benefits of partnering with your company.
  3. Give you credibility – Utilizing website content will solidify that you’re an expert in your field and will give you the credibility clients are looking for. Not only does your content instills trust in your clients and provides them with comfort, it helps prospects who need a subtle nudge knows they’re choosing an expert who can meet their needs.
  4. Provide custom content – Prospects recognize the value of custom content that speaks to their pain (and just as importantly: how to remedy it). Your clients are special and cover an array of industries. Publishing articles that are relevant to them will demonstrate your investment in their industry, and in turn, their company.

If you’re interested in generating content that works as hard for your business as you do for your clients, give Ripley PR a call at 865-977-1973. We have the expertise and experience needed to help grow your PEO.


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