Four warning signs you might need a new PR firm

If you’re a successful business owner, you have become an expert in your field. Public relations, though, is not your forte. That’s why you hire a public relations firm.

But how do you know if you’re getting your money’s worth? How do you know whether your public relations firm is adding value to your company?

Here are five warning signs that it might be time to find a new public relations agency for your business:

• Lack of communication – Your firm does not keep you informed about efforts they are making (or not making) on your behalf. They are slow to return emails or phone calls. They don’t give you regular reports on their activities.

• They don’t try to understand your business – You trust the firm to know your industry and speak the language, but you constantly have to remind them of your business’ basics. The lack of interest shows in the work they produce.

• No coverage in the right outlets or the competition gets more exposure – The bottom line is results, and if your firm cannot secure media coverage for your company, you are wasting time and money. The lack of production is particularly obvious if articles or news segments feature your competition on a regular basis.

• Lack of communication – This isn’t redundant; it’s underscoring the need for you and your public relations firm to communicate frequently and effectively. Communications is a public relations firm’s business, and if they are not communicating, they are failing.

Take a critical look at your public relations firm to see if it is meeting your needs. If you cannot trust them, it’s time to look for a firm that can exceed your expectations. Contact us at Ripley PR to find out what we can do to add value to your business.

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