Finding your B2B tech story

Many B2B tech leaders began their journey in the industry that they serve. After all, who knows better about industry needs than those that have had their boots to the ground. Humble beginnings are the best stories to share and the most powerful in building trust with your audience.

Now you may ask why it’s important to humanize your B2B tech company. Shouldn’t value and functionality be enough? Stakeholders and clients certainly care a lot about both of those things, but a common understanding of industry struggles helps seal the deal.

Humanizing B2B tech

B2B business leader presents to an audience

Maybe you began your career as a health care professional or a tradesman and saw there were big inefficiencies that could be made better by tech. You and your experience building your B2B company is the greatest asset in garnering relevant media stories. A solid strategy can leverage your journey to create a powerful message that reaches your stakeholders.

How valuable is my story?

The media is always on the lookout for a good story. A career or company journey will interest readers from all walks of life. Even if you are not quite sure what is engaging about your journey, an agency specializing in B2B public relations can find your story and tell it in a compelling way. These stories are valuable tools in reaching and building trust with your audience.

Ripley PR can tell your story through sources that customers can trust while building industry credibility. As a client of Ripley PR, you will work with a team of experts in B2B to create buzz for your business and increase engagement in your market.

Let’s start your PR strategy today

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