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Construction tech is booming

Two construction workers utilize technology, a tablet and a VR headset, to accomplish their tasks and make their jobsite safer.

Few industries are seeing an increase in tech adoption quite as rapidly as the construction industry. From AI-based monitoring systems to safety-focused apps and from drones to automation solutions, jobsites around the world are going high tech.

A May report from DroneDeploy was recently quoted in Kim Slowey’s Construction Dive article, 7 trends that will shape commercial construction in 2019.

Commercial drone use in construction surged 239% year over year, the fastest growth of any sector…

In the same article, a spokesperson from Autodesk shared the following prediction: “AI and machine learning will be broadly applied in construction to reduce risk and improve project performance across the project lifecycle.”

Being in the driver’s seat of a B2B construction tech business right now is a lucrative place to be, but when you want to take your solutions to the next level with PR, should you partner with a construction public relations agency or one experienced in tech public relations?

Partner with an agency experienced in both

Even though the intersection of construction and technology is more evident than ever, the media verticals for construction and tech are very different landscapes to navigate and your construction tech business deserves coverage in both!

Instead of choosing an agency with niche experience in either construction or tech, or worse — choosing a different agency for each one, consider an agency that can seamlessly tell your story across the board.

The benefits to partnering with one agency experienced in construction tech public relations include:

  • Consistent messaging: When pitching to two different verticals, the ability to convey your brand’s key messages and story with consistent accuracy is critical for success and helps avoid crises of misinformation. 
  • Expertise in a variety of awards and trade shows: Truly knowing multiple industries ensures your agency will be looking out for recognition and exhibition opportunities in all of your key spaces.
  • Widespread media relationships: Rather than needing to spend time learning a new industry, an agency experienced in construction tech public relations can immediately begin introducing your brand to existing contacts in both the construction and tech worlds.

To find out how partnering with an agency experienced in both construction and tech public relations can help your business garner the attention it deserves in both spaces, contact Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973.

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