Expanding into a new market? Promote it with franchise PR

Franchise success is a two-pronged strategy. Without successful franchisees, a franchisor will struggle. On the other hand, if a franchise isn’t overly popular or well-run, then franchisees will struggle to find success on a local level. As the song says, it takes two, baby.

Over the years, we’ve put together unique franchise public relations strategies that are tailored to the unique needs of each franchise we’ve worked with. Some have been more interested in creating success for their individual owners across the country — or around the globe — while others have been interested in growing their numbers. There have even been some that have wanted a little of both. We’ve created strategies to meet those needs and more.

Franchise public relations is a valuable tool for both franchisees and franchisors, and each new location is a boon for both. Each new expansion or market helps build brand awareness and credibility both on a local and national level, and we make sure to share the news on both. Each new location helps development efforts and showcases your franchise’s growth, and our media relations team is quick to share the news with industry and trade publications. Potential franchisees are looking a business that has both viability and credibility. Putting a spotlight on your sustained growth boosts both.

It’s also vitally important to build that brand awareness and credibility on a local level. Our media relations team is skilled at creating relations on a national level, and their talents extend to local media, too. Whether we’re announcing a new location and grand opening or letting locals know about a new service, our team is building connections with local newspapers and online publications, television stations and other outlets. We want to help local entrepreneurs succeed in their markets, which ultimately draws more potential franchisees to the national brand. It all works together.

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