Every link in the supply chain can use a good PR firm

Whenever you buy a vehicle, you buy the nameplate. Ford. Toyota. Chevrolet. BMW. Ferrari (lucky you). But you also buy what’s under the hood.

Automotive assembly companies have an obvious need for public relations and advertising firms to help them reach their customers and shape their message to the general public.

B2B Public Relations Ripley PRJack up the vehicle and take a peek at the systems that make it run, however, and you’ll discover that they don’t make most of the parts they assemble. Suppliers provide hoses, pistons, exhaust systems, brakes and thousands of other parts — more than 75 percent on some models.

Aside from a few behemoths – Bosch, Denso, Goodyear and a handful of others — these suppliers, are not household names, though they account for nearly six in 10 vehicle manufacturing jobs in the United States.

They rely on B2B public relations to raise awareness about their company’s parts and culture. Their audience is not the general public but the assembly companies and, in some cases, Tier 1 suppliers to whom they sell components.

A firm that specializes in B2B public relations can deliver the messages suppliers in the automotive and other manufacturing sectors need. Suppliers rely heavily on trade publications, and an experienced agency such as Ripley PR studies the market and develops relationships with writers and editors of publications most likely to meet their business objectives. A savvy firm also will be able to leverage social media, using the right platforms for maximum effect.

A B2B public relations firm is invaluable in times of crisis, like during an automotive recall. Consumers will blame the assembly company whose nameplate is on the vehicle for a faulty exhaust system, but all automakers will know which supplier actually made the defective parts. A B2B public relations firm can develop a plan to help the supplier communicate the reasons for any problem and plans to take corrective action to the assembly company.

No matter what your company manufactures or where you are on the supply chain, you can benefit from the counsel of an experienced B2B public relations firm. Contact us at Ripley PR to find out how we can help you reach your goals.

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