Embrace Social Media to Market Your Home Service Business

It was over a decade ago when social media took the world by storm. With access to millions of people across the globe, news and information began quickly spreading to households through mobile devices. Over 10 years later, there are still some companies that have not embraced the change. Don’t let your home service business be one of them.

Social media platforms give home service companies the ability to promote their brand in a way that traditional marketing does not. While there is still value in spending thousands of dollars on advertisements and billboards, social media allows you to reach homeowners in your service areas who have their mobile devices readily available.

Here are a few benefits that your company can take advantage of when utilizing social media:

  • Visibility – Social media platforms help your company target customers with posts that will remain in front of your key demographics. Being able to have your brand message seen and heard by potential customers in your market is a major plus when it comes to growth. Promoting your company’s services and expertise will help establish your brand and further legitimize your position in your market. In addition, it can also increase website traffic if you incorporate links in your posts.
  • Customer engagement – Social media has empowered – and in some cases, enabled – people to voice their opinions no matter the topic. Home service companies can use this to their advantage. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow companies to interact with their customers and build strong, long-lasting relationships. Whether you are responding to a comment or providing how-to videos, home service companies can use social media to create brand loyalty.
  • Establish Credibility – Being recognized as a trusted local expert can go a long way in gaining customers and growing your company. Publishing blogs on your social media sites is a great way to build that credibility and trust. Delivering helpful content to customers will further establish you as the go-to individual whenever there is a question or need.

Are you ready to embrace social media? Ripley PR, a leading home service public relations agency, is here to help. We have over a decade of experience in the home service industry and understand your needs as a business. Our experts can provide insight on how to utilize your social media platforms while also providing expert-level content.

Give our professionals a call at (865) 977-1973 or reach out to us on our website. We would love to speak with you!


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