Elevate Your Team to Thought Leaders with Franchise Public Relations

Elevate your spokesperson to thought leadership with franchise public relations and cut through the noise in 2024.2023 was, for all tumultuous developments and economic concerns, a stellar year for franchising. According to FranchiseWire, the number of franchises in the United States surpassed 800,000. The proven model franchising provides will remain an attractive option for ambitious business owners. To remain competitive in 2024, it will be critical to maintain a robust marketing plan and consider implementing a franchise public relations strategy, too.

At Ripley PR, we know that earned media and thought leadership not only help connect with your audience and demonstrate compelling reasons to choose your franchise, but they also help make your other marketing efforts more successful. Here are some tips for using thought leadership to gain a competitive edge this year.

3 Tips to Secure Expert Positioning

  1. Intentionally Select Your Spokespeople: Choosing your brand representative(s) isn’t always as simple as defaulting to the highest title and throwing them into the media ring. Do you have an expert in training? Perhaps an expert in mastering the first 90 days of operations? What about someone on your team with a rich history in your specific industry? Choose the most knowledgeable, most engaging ambassadors you have and invest in media training for them.
  2. Showcase Your Expertise in Franchising and Your Industry: Don’t lose audience reach by focusing only on franchise media or industry trade media. Choose a franchise public relations team with experience securing earned media placement in both. Establishing and maintaining a presence in each vertical will ensure more potential owners are reached and compelled by your message.
  3. Offer Nonpromotional Content and Educational Sessions: You’ve got your spokespeople and target verticals, now what? Two proven methods of establishing thought leadership are to contribute bylined articles to prominent outlets and to deliver helpful presentations at respected industry conferences. Developing sound content and coordinating speaking proposals can be a lift, so this is another good reason to partner with a franchise public relations team that has in-house content support.

At Ripley PR, we know that a solid franchise public relations strategy gives your brand an edge. To find out more about what your own custom PR strategy could look like, connect with us online or by calling (865) 977-1973.


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