Earned media is exactly the push you need

Contech is a crowded industry and it can be challenging to convince prospects that your solutions is the obvious choice to address their pain points.

Winning customers over before direct contact is made is a great way to ensure success of your business development team, but how can trust be established before the customer even makes it into your funnel?

Working with a PR partner who truly understands Contech can be pivotal in your strategy and efforts to secure more customers.

When you have the best in construction tech public relations on retainer, building recognition through trusted media exposure is just one of the many benefits you’ll receive.

Here are some ways that a PR partner can help your Contech business leverage the media:

Press releases

Professionally written press releases can be a great way to secure mentions in trusted news sources.

We aim to help our clients understand what kind of updates are newsworthy. Examples of updates that you should be capitalizing coverage on are pivotal new hires, new integrations, and new product availability.

Sharing these releases on national news wires and leveraging existing relationships to manually secure placement is a great way to shed light on your growth.

Publishing contributed articles and case studies

Features on trending topics and sharing exceptional parentships with media can help boost your brand’s credibility.

Uncovering exclusive opportunities to share industry insight and expertise with target media verticals can be a great way to open the doors of some of your most profitable prospects and work upstream to the big fish.

Expert interviews and podcasts

Connecting you with well know personalities in the industry can further reinforce your brand and involvement in the industry. Opportunities to speak with industry leaders make for great momentum and can be reshared on social channels to further boost exposure.

There are many strategies available to help leverage the media to build credibility for your brand. Sharing your latest updates by way of professionally written releases, publishing case studies, and interviewing on trade podcasts just to name a few.

We at Ripley PR pride ourselves on being the best in the business on helping Contech brands stick out from the crowd. If you’re interested in learning more about how to leverage the media to win more customers, give the experts at Ripley PR at call at (865)977-1973.


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