Earned media coverage: Three big things

It’s not front-page news that print circulation is declining among most major U.S. newspapers, but it’s not quite time to write their obituaries.

When coupled with their websites, newspapers and industry journals still represent solid options for earned public relations platforms, whether you are in the construction, design, software or home services industries.

The Knoxville News Sentinel, the main paper of record for East Tennessee, still publishes some 110,000 editions daily, and even more on Sunday. The paper’s Internet reach  – about 500,000 visits per month — complements that. Television stations also face revenue challenges, but, like papers, they are bringing in more news consumers than ever on relatively new digital platforms, such as tablets or mobile phones. Some stories are even online-only, expanding your reach and your brand and your opportunities for earned placement.

So despite some obvious setbacks for news organizations in recent years, the news media still offers a great branding opportunity, and Ripley, a B2B public relations agency, takes full advantage of that.


  • Earned media represents a solid, value-added leveraging of your public-relations budget. It’s the ultimate amplifier of your message, especially when offered in expert context within a news story. Advertising is expensive, but your brand and message actually gets better attention and play when included in a news story in a trusted local publication – and especially the heavyweights such as the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. Offering yourself and company as an expert source within a news story drives traffic to your website, widens awareness of your brand and can even prompt more investment in your company through the ancillary B2B benefits of earned media placement.



  • Ripley’s team of B2B experts doesn’t just pitch your brand to traditional newspaper and television outlets, though. We have an extensive database of trade journals and market-specific publications. We can identify the proper breadth for your brand and get it in front of your targeted demographics. We can also cast your company and its owners as experts in your field when breaking news sends reporters chasing sources. We are proactive, and when news breaks that is applicable to your business or market, we will offer interview access to the most relevant publications – even though we probably already have.


  • Once your message emerges in the media, we can further amplify it by sharing it to social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. This captures the attention of your customers, colleagues and competitors, and puts them on notice you are at the top of your game. “[Business to Consumer B2C] clients perceive value in having their stories told through the news media, because it reaches their peers in the business community, investors and the general public…[B2B] customers consider published articles more credible than paid advertising …,” Pauline Howes, assistant director of communications at Kennesaw University, told prnewsonline.com.

One Ripley client received mention in 10 different publications within a month after just three pitches to appropriate media. That represents a massive leveraging and efficient use of your public-relations budget.

It’s a mistake to leave your pitching and public relations tactics to the vagaries of social media or click-bait.

The experts at Ripley PR  can identify your best opportunities for earned coverage – and we’ll get your name in the paper, along with tangible, quantifiable results.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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