Earned Media Can Grow Your Franchise Network

You might be focused on new media for your franchise public relations plan, but PR professionals know that a balanced approach is better for business. Yes, your public relations and marketing strategy should include blogging, video marketing and social media, but don’t turn your back on traditional media outlets like newspapers, trade publications and television just yet.

While these media outlets are certainly dealing with intense competition from social media, bloggers and more, they still have significant audiences in print, on the air and online. Their websites pick up the stories you see in print and on the news, and those stories are shared on their social media platforms, so the idea of a clear line between traditional media and new media doesn’t give the full picture.

Finding Balance

Public relations agencies know that the line between traditional media and new media is blurry. We continue to see the value of traditional media to promote and market our clients. In the industry, we call it “earned media.” Our public relations specialists pitch story ideas about our clients to journalists, and the journalists decide whether to move forward with the story or not. A well-crafted pitch made to solid media contacts can yield big results for the client.

Even better, since these articles and appearances are not paid advertising, they tend to be trusted by consumers who are suspicious of other marketing methods. The credibility and prestige of the publication is added to the article’s subject, and that subject could be your franchise.

At Work for You

An experienced franchise public relations agency like Ripley PR will know what stories to pitch and who to pitch them to in order to get the best results. We have worked hard to develop relationships with journalists who specialize in topics relevant to your franchise. We also have contacts with respected industry bloggers, further bridging the gap between traditional and online news.

When we get you a great placement, your franchise reaps the rewards with increased brand awareness, lead generation and better SEO through linkbacks and sharing.

If you would like to experience how earned media can grow your franchise network, contact Ripley PR today. We specialize in the franchise industry and have a proven track record of success for clients in many industries.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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