During COVID-19, Open Communication with Plumbing Franchise Clients and Employees is Crucial

Even during a worldwide pandemic certain businesses are considered essential and have been continuing to provide services to the public and other businesses. If you own a plumbing franchise business, you know this already. Your technicians are entering businesses and people’s homes during very stressful times, so communicating with both your customers and your employees is crucial.

The plumbing industry is also going through ups and downs, with some plumbing contractors reporting an increase in business and others seeing a slow-down in calls. No matter how your business is faring, the most important thing is keeping your employees and clients informed about how your business is meeting the challenges posed during the coronavirus.

How are you communicating with your customers?

Plumbing franchises may receive some support from the home office in regards to messaging and calming the fears of both clients and employees, but it is up to you to carry out a communications plan. The experts at Ripley PR, a franchise public relations agency, who have developed crisis communications plans for many plumbing franchises, knows that being open, honest and deliberate with communications during a crisis is crucial. Place a banner on your website with critical information about your hours, emergency situations and how you are protecting your employees and clients with PPE. Send emails, newsletters, and post on your social media channels. Silence is deadly in a crisis, so your job is to assure the public that you are taking the correct measures to keep everyone safe.

How are you communicating with your employees?

Messaging from the top is a good form of communication to ease the fears of your employees. As a franchise location owner, you could record a video message to them and distribute through your internal communications system, or send an email message to all employees. Or, try small meetings in person, while practicing social distancing, to explain what steps you are taking to provide them with all the safety equipment they need to feel comfortable. Be very clear and answer questions honestly. Your employees will appreciate it.

When faced with a crisis, you need a communication expert experienced in plumbing franchise public relations like Ripley PR. We will work to create a communication plan tailored to you. Contact us at (865) 977-1973 or visit our website online.

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