Drumming Up Stone Industry Business with PR

Stone fabrication companies and the businesses that supply them with tools and technology must compete in a crowded marketplace. Building a brand sometimes feel as hard as working stone itself, but with the right stone industry public relations agency as a partner, it doesn’t have to be out of reach.

Media Coverage

A public relations partner like Ripley PR can pitch stories about your fabrication shop or technology company to trade and local publications. This kind of earned media coverage provides far more value for your company than buying an advertisement. By positioning yourself as an expert in the stone industry through regular press releases and by earning feature story opportunities, you can strengthen you brand and create an increasing cycle of visibility for your products or services.

Power of Trade Shows

Whether making granite countertops on a commercial scale or developing robotic technology to service fabrication shops, participating in trade shows is a proven way to generate leads. About 80 percent of visitors to trade events purchase products or services that they were introduced to at the event, according Statista.com.

Making the most out of a trade show or industry event involves generating the most visibility for your business by securing a a speaking opportunity at the event. It also means publicizing your speaking engagement in advance and creating interest on social media.

Your expertise might be in fabrication or technology development, but how good are you at marketing yourself? An experienced stone industry PR team can create proposals for trade show speaking slots and coordinate with event organizers. This will help maximize your speaking opportunities.

Ripley PR’s team of experts can also publicize your speaking engagements in advance and create engaging social media content during the trade show itself to drive interest in your speech (and traffic to your website.)

To learn more about how stone industry PR can help promote your business, give Ripley PR a call at 865-977-1973.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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