Don’t Wait for a Crisis to Think About Preparing for a Crisis

There’s one phone call every CEO or company president never wants to hear no matter if you are an automotive parts supplier or manufacturer of major components. It’s a phone call from the chief of security or the assembly line foreman…maybe it’s a call from local law enforcement or other civil authority. It’s the phone call that sets your company’s crisis plan into motion…if you have one.automotive - crisis communications

Your company is focused on providing the best automotive industry materials, but someone needs to help set up a crisis communications plan. One that can be set into motion with one phone call. If your company is focused on its piece of the automotive industry and not necessarily how to communicate, an automotive public relations agency can help. An experienced agency has the street smarts to develop a sound crisis communications plan, train key personnel on its implementation and make sure it works well under the heat of a real emergency.

Here are some ways to tell whether your crisis communications plan is ready for prime time:

  • Do you have a plan? – The first step is developing a solid crisis communications plan tailored to your company, its people and its mission. The plan cannot possibly take into account every conceivable crisis scenario, but it needs to have all the key elements needed for success. It needs to address roles, message development and audiences at a bare minimum. It also should have a supporting media policy that ties into it.
  • Have you made crisis planning a priority? – If you are going to roll out that new product line, you know you have to make certain aspects of the roll out a priority. The same holds for crisis planning. Every member of your management team should have no doubt that the boss is serious about being prepared.
  • Does your plan have dust on it? – Derek Jeter didn’t play shortstop for the New York Yankees for 20 years based on his good looks. He practiced his entire life…even after he made it to the majors. Exercise your plan by taking it out and testing yourself, your company and your communications team. Exercises can be table top or practical. What’s important is that you practice.

A good PR agency can help any company prepare for a crisis, develop the best messages to deliver during the heat of the moment, and decide upon the right way in which to deliver them. Make sure you are teamed with professionals with the right kind of real-world experience before you experience a crisis in your company.

If any of the above resonates with you and your business, we at Ripley PR would love to talk with you. We are not only are we a B2B public relations agency, we have the experience and knowledge in the automotive industry to help prepare your company for any crisis that may come your way.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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