Don’t Let Customer Calls Go Down the Drain

It can be difficult for a plumbing company to stick out from the crowd. You may have the friendliest CSRs, an easy to navigate website, and the highest review average in your area but this still may not be enough to diverge from a sea of competitors. Ask yourself this: Are you known as the plumbing expert in your market?

Plumbing professional repairing a water heater.

When it comes to home service public relations, you need the best in the business to ensure you are getting those extra calls. Working with the right team of PR professionals can help to position you as the expert to call, which will result in more business.

Here are a few ways PR can help position you as the go-to expert:

  • Share your growth: It’s not easy to grow a business and you know that more than anyone. Your commitment to your customers and employees needs to be shared with the public. Whether you recently made a new hire or internal promotion, that means your business is growing. Sharing this news with your market in the right way can be an attractive differentiator.


  • Reinforcing your brand: It’s not just about your marketing and email campaigns. You need to reinforce the positive aspects of your brand. Being recognized as a best place to work or the highest rated plumber in the area are huge stories! Did you recently help match the funding for a new community initiative? People love a good news story! We are experts at finding the angle to use news like these examples to engage the media with to earn you coverage.


  • Stay top of mind: As busy as things may seem during your day to day, it is important to remember that not everyone always has a plumbing issue going on. Seasonal preparations and maintenance may be the last thing homeowners are thinking about, but by having consistent coverage in addition to your marketing outreach, you can stay on the minds of potential customers.

These examples are all ways that the right agency can help to position your company as an industry expert in your market. Give the Ripley PR experts a call at (865) 977-1973 if you have any questions about PR for your home service business.


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