Don’t Confuse Thought Leaders with Cheerleaders

Tech PR Can Put Your Team in the Spotlight

Have you ever looked at the Elon Musks and Jeff Bezos of the world and thought, “My ideas are at least that good?” Do you or your tech company’s leadership have a lot to say about the industry??Thought leader in the tech industry delivers keynote speech

If so, you should consider adding thought leadership to your tech public relations strategy. But proceed with caution. Thought leadership is a strategy that works, but only if you are clear about what it is — and what it isn’t. A tech public relations agency like Ripley PR can guide you in developing a thought leadership plan that will bring real value to your brand.

It’s All About Subtlety

The biggest mistake tech companies make in this area is confusing thought leaders with brand cheerleaders. But thought leadership is much more subtle. It approaches marketing sideways, an excellent tactic for reaching today’s jaded consumers.

Instead of marketing your brand directly, thought leadership showcases your team’s ingenuity and brilliance. By shining the spotlight on your team and growing trust of their knowledge of the industry, you grow trust in your brand by association. That’s a tricky line to walk, but the tech public relations pros at Ripley PR can help you find the balance.

Sending the Right Message

It’s possible to be a respected thought leader and grow your brand without touting your product’s specs, just by engaging in the industry discourse. Here are some channels to consider:

  • Social media, especially Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Guest columns in key industry publications
  • Appearances on podcasts
  • Keynote speaking engagements at tradeshows and conventions

Our team at Ripley PR will help you identify the right venues for your expertise and assist you in crafting the perfect messages for those venues. If you’re proud of your professional team and ready to let them show their stuff through thought leadership, we’d love to hear from you. Call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact Ripley PR online today.

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