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Social media has fragmented the ways we communicate, and it seems the number of platforms grows every year. Facebook. Twitter. Linkedin. Instagram. Reddit. YouTube. The proliferation of platforms can be overwhelming.

Social Media CredibilityMost companies are too focused on their mission to keep up with all the changes. And brand integrity certainly shouldn’t be placed in the hands of the twentysomething clerk recently hired in accounts receivable or the son of the night shift supervisor. An ill-advised tweet or misguided post can alienate customers and suppliers, damaging the credibility of a company’s brand.

That’s why companies should turn to public relations firms to handle their social media outreach. Public relations professionals understand the need for a coherent, integrated strategy that sends a consistent message over many different channels.

Tailoring the form of the message to the framework of the medium is vital. Facebook and Linkedin, for example, are similar in that both are networking sites, but different in that Facebook is more about digital socializing, like a cookout, while Linkedin is about digital networking, like a reception. Public relations professionals also know the makeup of the audiences, which differ from platform to platform.

Public relations professionals work with companies to develop and implement social media strategies that work hand-in-glove with traditional media strategies.

The elements of a successful social media strategy include:

  • Align strategy to goals – A social media strategy should by in sync with goals the company already has established. This assures a unified message for the public relations firm to disseminate.
  • Align tactics to platforms – The message must be adapted to each platform. It seems obvious, but a tweet is not a Facebook post or a Linkedin update.
  • Curate content – Monitor and update sites on a regular basis.
  • Measure results – Technology allows companies to measure the effectiveness of the social media strategy. The number of Twitter followers or likes a Facebook page receives can be tracked and analyzed so that the strategy can be refined.

Of course, different industries require different approaches; manufacturing public relations and B2B public relations demand strategies unlike those taken by companies that market products and services to end-use consumers. If you want an approach tailored to your needs, you should call Ripley PR at 865.977.1973. We will work with you to develop a social media strategy that helps you meet your company’s goals.

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