Does Your PR Agency Understand the Industry You Serve?

It’s one thing to understand what your business does, but as a B2B SaaS company, whether horizontal or vertical, it’s vital that your public relations agency understands the businesses you serve, too. Without that understanding, it’s nearly impossible to garner you the right media coverage.

From a B2B tech public relations agency standpoint, here’s how this understanding will help your strategy:

We can help you create a credible brand image

If we know the businesses you serve and understand what they’re looking for in the services you provide, we can better help you adapt your brand image to become more appealing to that audience. With PR, we help you create credibility within your brand. If we know your audience well, we know what garners their trust.

We know where to get you coverage

The industry you serve most likely has magazines, shows and podcasts about it. An essential reason for knowing your customer base is knowing where they look for industry news and educational resources, leading to the right media coverage for your business.

The better we know your audience, the better we know you

The service you provide exists because of the industry it was made for. How can a PR agency fully understand your business if they don’t understand the businesses you serve? Your service was created to solve a problem or a need. Until your agency understands these problems or needs, they can’t fully grasp your business.

A proven agency like Ripley PR takes the time to learn as much about your business as possible, and in your case, that includes the businesses you serve. If you’re looking for a PR agency that does its homework, give us a call at (865) 977-1973 or visit Ripley PR online.



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