Does your PR agency truly get your industry?

Your PR team should understand your industry.

How well does your public relations agency understand your industry and the intricacies of what your business offers your target audience? Does your business provide solutions for organizational difficulties, backups from miscommunication, takeoff issues or other common construction challenges? Your PR agency should understand what kind of solutions your business offers clients and why you do it. Whether you specialize in residential or commercial construction or tackle both, it is of great value to work with an experienced PR agency that demonstrates a deep understanding of your industry’s unique needs and fluently speaks your language.

Construction Solutions

A skilled construction PR team like Ripley PR can target the proper media outlets to showcase your business and position it as a leader in your industry. By highlighting your news and wins in press releases, the right PR team can secure placement in top publications, including key newspapers and trade magazines. PR experts familiar with your space can easily recognize different aspects of your company and how they each play a role in creating solutions for clients.

Understanding Specifics

A construction PR team can use its experience to take your business to the next level through blogs, press releases and social media posts that specify exactly what you do. You can provide your PR agency with all the information they need to pitch your story, but their knowledge pertaining to specific areas of your industry can help you build a successfully strategic PR plan. Your information can be transformed into productive media opportunities that reach your target audience with a hyper focus on how you can help clients. Consider using a PR company that has shown results and been effective in the construction field.

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