Does Your B2B Tech Company Know How to Market Itself?

B2B tech public relations is about bridging the gap between tech companies and their business clients. That’s because it’s not enough to just market a product. B2B tech companies have to market themselves as the best choice for decision-makers in their sector.

Why do B2B Tech Companies Need PR?

It’s a reasonable question. After all, isn’t PR just for crisis management or press releases? A good B2B PR strategy involves so much more than that. Your communications strategy should speak to  the business leaders that make purchasing decisions in a voice that resonates with them. It uses both earned and owned media production to help you reduce marketing spend and can generate the brand awareness and reputation that can generate valuable leads. But getting a brand in front of decision-makers requires a true understanding of who your potential clients are.

How Does B2B Tech PR Establish a Brand?

When clients are looking for tech solutions for their business, they want to know their investment of time and money is going to give them a return. They need to know that the company providing the software or hardware is going to be trustworthy and reliable during the course of their working relationship. Ultimately, buyers want to know they’re getting a partner instead of just purchasing a product.

The expertise and reputation of a B2B company’s leadership can be a key factor in clients’ purchasing decisions. If that expertise isn’t visible, the company just won’t make sales. Ongoing PR can be a powerful and meaningful tool for building the brand awareness you need.

What Makes Ripley PR a Good Fit for Tech Companies?

At Ripley PR, we have experience executing public relations strategies for both B2B and tech companies. We develop deep understandings of our clients’ brands, goals and visions, and use those to construct powerful public relations strategies that work.

We can leverage the strong media connections that we’ve forged to position company executives as experts and thought leaders in their fields and position your products and services as important technology for business owners to adopt. If you’re interested in working with us as your company grows, contact Ripley PR online or call (865) 977-1973.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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