Does your B2B business need a new website?

As a business owner, ask yourself a quick question—when was the last time you looked at your B2B website? While that question may seem easy to answer, follow up by asking yourself a harder question—when is the last time you looked at your B2B website with a critical eye. As B2B public relations specialists, the team at Ripley PR often asks our customers to look at their own websites as if they were a potential new client and decide if the information presented would be easy to understand what your B2B business does for clients.

Deciding what should be included on a B2B website is often difficult for business owners who live and breathe their business each day. Asking yourself “Is this information easy to understand?” and “What does our business do for B2B clients?” might offer insight into what is working well on your website and what might need to be updated, changed, or refreshed to more accurately portray the advantages that your B2B business has over competitors.

Ripley PR new websites for B2B businessesMore often than not, your B2B business website is your digital business card that will be one of the first things that potential clients review prior to taking next steps in reaching out. Similar to what e-commerce and retail businesses do with their user experience testing for consumers, take time to review the information that is being presented on your B2B website. Do pages load correctly, is the information clear on what your B2B business does, is contact information easy to find and use and is your B2B website mobile-friendly? If you answer no to any of those questions, it may be time to consider updating your website to offer the best online presence available for your business.

After those initial assessments, a more detailed review of the information that is being presented on your website and your digital marketing and PR strategies would be beneficial. Do you have regularly updated content? Is there a social media component to drive overall awareness of your B2B brand? Is my company having news information and press releases available online to show existing and potential customers that your B2B business is committed to growth? If your B2B business is not offering continuous engagement through blogs, social media and press releases, this is a great time to drive recognition through B2B public relations and marketing efforts.

Regardless of which B2B area that your business focuses on, having a robust, intuitive website that includes public relations, online marketing, social media and enhanced, engaging content is important to sustain growth for your B2B business. Having a B2B public relations partners, like Ripley PR, can help your B2B business thrive in today’s competitive business environment. Contact Ripley PR today to learn more about our capabilities to assist you with B2B public relations strategies and online marketing engagement to drive results.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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