Dodging Industry Deceleration with Construction Public Relations

This past October, Dodge Data & Analytics chief economist Bob Murray offered his expectations for the construction industry for 2019 at their annual Outlook conference. According to Murray, the market will largely look the same as it did throughout 2018, up just $1 billion in new construction starts from this past year and continuing a deceleration as the recent economic expansion begins to mature and settle. Companies and contractors hoping their growth will defy trends and consistently accelerate should consider partnering with an experienced construction public relations agency.

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When an industry enjoys a healthy acceleration, there’s a good chance that the majority of even remotely recognizable companies in the running will enjoy steady business and decent returns. The real competition begins when that industry begins to decelerate. New customers become scarcer, and existing customers begin to shop around before their next move, dragging competing companies into a tug of war for their business.

Three vital components of maintaining a competitive edge in the construction industry are honing your identity into a clear and recognizable brand, increasing top of mind awareness and positive engagement with your brand, and maintaining the capacity to effectively deliver outstanding results for every project.

Check out these three blogs for more information about how Ripley PR, an agency experienced in the nuances of construction public relations, can help deliver measurable results for these components:

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Construction companies choosing to invest more in their brand awareness and reputation management should find themselves well ahead of all those simply relying on another year of the same old strategies, so contact Ripley PR today at 865.977.1973 to get started.

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