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One of the great things about East Tennessee is the diversity of the business landscape here. Thousands of businesses of all sizes, and across multiple industries, thrive in our region, from independently owned mom and pop businesses to major institutions like the University of Tennessee.

What’s great about our business community can also be a challenge for companies looking to grow. Many of our successful regional businesses have decades of homegrown goodwill, brand awareness and loyalty behind them, which can make it hard for newer companies or companies expanding into new markets.

A great agency with deep roots in the area, however, can help new and growing companies reach the audiences they need so they can build the trust and credibility that drive successful expansion. An experienced East Tennessee public relations team can serve as an excellent way to communicate your message and demonstrate your industry expertise.

What can an East Tennessee PR agency help your team achieve? Here are some of the benefits of public relations:

  • Brand awareness: Strategic media outreach and content marketing, among other services, can help you build awareness of your company with potential customers, and establish relationships with them based on trust and authenticity.
  • Credibility: Coordinating coverage of you and your business with local, regional, national and trade media positions you as an expert and validates your thought leadership. When third-party publications recognize you as a source for information and expertise, their readers will, too.
  • Business opportunities: Awareness and credibility are two main drivers of business growth. Many companies experience significant increases in leads and investment as a result of successful PR efforts.

At Ripley PR, we have a proven track record of helping East Tennessee businesses build and strengthen their brands, both regionally and nationally. Call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online to find out how we can help you.


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