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It wasn’t that long ago that a spreadsheet was considered advanced technology for the construction industry. But a tech revolution has transformed the landscape over the last decade and a half, with the emergence of smartphones and tablets, wireless connectivity, cloud computing, BIM, artificial intelligence, automation, and a nearly endless variety of software options to manage it all.

While these radical changes have meant major upgrades in efficiency and accuracy, they’ve also created new forms of stress, from selecting and onboarding the right solution to managing updates, upgrades and integrations.

Diverse construction team works on project

How can manufacturers and providers stand out in the complex, sometimes chaotic and often confusing construction technology market?

Public relations is a proven way for brands to distinguish themselves from the competition and connect with their audience. But the market for construction tech is much different than consumer markets. Many contractors are overwhelmed by technology decisions. They don’t have the time or experience to navigate tech industry jargon or extravagant claims.

If your contech business wants to cut through the complexity, an experienced construction tech public relations agency might be the partner you’re looking for. At Ripley PR, our team of experts can help you build a brand and message that will differentiate your contech company from the pack.

With years of experience in the industry, we can help you build a strategy, manage your brand, become a thought leader and connect with contractors through speaking engagements, media placement, social media and content. If you’re ready to stand out and see results, call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online.


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