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Sometimes, it can be easy for small to medium-size business owners to resolve themselves to the belief that they don’t have any news to share. Even HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors that are adept marketers and maintain an active presence in their community can easily overlook great PR opportunities. The good news is that choosing to invest in home service public relations can empower contractors to keep their focus on what they do best while their partner agency creates dynamic campaigns that will attract the media’s interest.

Consider the possibilities

At Ripley PR, we don’t wait for your news to happen. When it does, of course, we want to spread the word! However, we understand the importance of getting creative, planning ahead and looking for opportunities between your latest service launch and next acquisition.Home service public relations can help your company create news in the absence of company announcements.

  • PSAs and expert advice: Even when you may not have an official announcement, as a home services expert, you have valuable knowledge to share. A proactive PR team will identify opportunities to position you as trusted local expert that can speak to protecting homes from extreme weather, reducing energy consumption and water waste, and even keeping your family safe from common hazards like carbon monoxide and electrical hazards.
  • Awards: You work hard to be the best in your market and provide for your employees, so it’s fitting you should be recognized for it. Lean on a sound home service public relations team to submit your company for awards and rankings that will add credibility to your brand, making it attractive for customers and potential employees alike. When you win, your PR team can then publicize the great news with a press release and media outreach.
  • Charitable giving: It’s tough to brag on your latest donation. We get it. However, the right PR agency can help you plan community activities and giving that can be publicized without coming across as self-serving. Not only will you positively impact lives in your community, but you’ll attract homeowners that want to do business with a company that genuinely cares.

Contact us at Ripley PR today by calling (865) 977-1973 to find out if home service public relations can help you create – and maximize – your own news.


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