Crane collapse and construction news: How Ripley PR can improve your public relations

When Hurricane Irma skirted South Florida in September 2017, construction companies led the news for a few cycles.

While the center city of Miami was spared a direct hit, several of the multi-story cranes that are now a ubiquitous site in the city took a beating from the high winds. In some instances, they partially collapsed. Crane rigging crashing onto city streets and buildings gets attention. But it’s not the kind of attention a construction company wants.

Accidents happen, but construction accidents will often mean headlines, especially in the case of high-profile incidents like the Miami crane fiasco.

Crisis Plans

A construction company needs to have a solid plan to address the media and reach out to the public in the event of such an incident.

Ripley PR can make sure you have a crisis plan in place should a headline-grabbing incident occur. We have experience crafting crisis response plans and performing other construction public relations, be it an on-the-job accident, hazardous materials spill, fire or even layoffs that might affect the economy of an entire community. The construction industry can be inherently dangerous, so it’s best to be prepared.

Dealing with Media Coverage

Our public relations services can also extend to sharing good news about your company. People are naturally curious about construction projects that change the face of their community, and media are drawn to report on them. Sometimes they will even show up at a construction site in pursuit of a story on progress. While your foremen or site manager may be perfectly eloquent and intelligent, you don’t want them making off-the-cuff statements to curious reporters. You want them to either refer media to upper management or directly to a professional public relations agency like Ripley.

Our staff includes a host of former journalists who know how to respond to queries from media. They know what reporters want to know, be it the state of a dangling crane in a hurricane or information on a construction project that everyone wants to know about.

You need to have a plan in place to get ahead of the headlines. Contact Ripley today to craft a crisis response or media relations plan.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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