3 Tips to Avoid Copyright Consequences

It happened again.

_______________ (insert your own name, a previous employee, etc.) used a photo – that was not rights-free – and now you’re facing the hefty fine associated with using an image you didn’t have permission to use.

You’re not the first one it has happened to, and you certainly won’t be the last. Although, people use them all the time on personal accounts (still illegal), there is another level of responsibility that comes with using them as a brand (also, still illegal).

Not only do you have to face the fines associated, but your brand can quickly lose credibility with your target audience. Your online presence is used to build trust and relationships with your audience, and if they find out that you were not using original or rights free images, it could plant the seed that you are a dishonest company and begin to create a barrier that is hard to break through.

To prevent this from happening in the future, we’ve got three tips to avoid copyright issues:

  • Inventory Images: Reviewing all the images on your collateral materials and various online presences (website, social media, etc.) andlogo-copyright cross checking them to ensure they are rights-free, will take time but it will also safe guard you from facing the financial repercussions of not doing so.
  • Logos are a No Go: Unless the image is original and developed solely for your company, do not put your logo on an image created by someone else. By putting your logo on an image that was not created just for your company, you are falsely claiming that it is your company’s original work.
  • Invest in Rights Free: There are plenty of stock photo websites available, where you can pay a monthly subscription for access to images where the creator has agreed to surrender their rights and let you use those photos for commercial purposes. This is the best way to ensure compliant image use in the future.

Although posting an image you found online can seem harmless, it comes with serious consequences. By hiring an agency that practices ethical B2B public relations and marketing, like Ripley PR, you can safeguard your company and yourself from future repercussions.

Hiring an agency means access to its resources, including copyright images, as well as a comprehensive strategy that will leverage your brand across a variety of platforms. To get started on a compliant public relations and marketing strategy, contact us today.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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