Content Marketing is Worth it for Your Franchise

If you are looking to grow your franchise network, content marketing is one tool you cannot ignore. As part of a solid franchise public relations plan, content marketing will push your website higher in search engine results, establish your company’s credibility in the industry, and grow overall awareness of your products and services.

Dollar for dollar, content marketing is a more efficient and effective means of promoting your company than traditional marketing. According to an article in Entrepreneur, content marketing generates three times the leads that outbound marketing does, but the cost is 62 percent less, and the conversion rate is six times higher than traditional marketing.

Ripley PR can put the power of content marketing to work for your franchise, generating optimized content that will get your message heard. Here are some of the proven methods we use:


Potential franchisees and customers are bombarded with unwanted marketing messages all day, every day. But most just want to receive information when they want it, on their own terms. Blogging is an effective way to put relevant information at your target audience’s fingertips. Our content creators seamlessly incorporate keywords and often-searched phrases into helpful, informative blogs that will grow your credibility and lead to more conversions.

Social Media

Consumers are increasingly turning away from traditional media and towards social media to receive news and information. A great content marketing strategy for your franchise will include social media posts tailored for the perfect platforms to reach your audience. Ripley PR’s social media experts have plenty of franchise experience, and their knowledge will get you the likes and shares you need.

White Papers

Depending on your industry, white papers might be the right fit for your content marketing strategy. These articles distill complex topics into an easily-understood format, putting the technical aspects of your franchise within the reach of potential franchisees and customers and growing your credibility. White papers can support other content marketing efforts, providing topics for blogs, social media posts and infographics.

If you want to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool, Ripley PR can help. We have done the research and know the best way to put content marketing to work for franchise clients. Call us today at 865-977-1973.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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