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To stay on top in the construction industry, contractors need to be constantly innovating and adapting to new technology. Not only can investing in new technology boost productivity, but it can also serve as a selling point in marketing your construction company.Construction technology is changing, is your business changing with it?

According to McKinsey, the construction industry is set for transformation. Contractors will have to keep up with technological change or fall by the wayside:

The engineering and construction (E&C) industry is at the cusp of a new era, with technology start-ups creating new applications and tools that are changing how companies design, plan, and execute projects. … Such improvements could not come at a better time, since construction projects are becoming increasingly complex and expensive, putting managers under greater pressure to improve costs, timelines, and efficiency.

More Than Just Marketing

It turns out that just keeping up as the industry changes isn’t enough, construction companies constantly need to be managing their image and publicity in order to secure the next job. That’s where construction public relations can help. Getting the word out about what your company does to stay at the forefront of changing technology can keep you in the front of mind for potential clients.

If you’ve used the newest products and techniques in your recent projects, you’ve seen firsthand how important they are for the future of construction. And clients love a company that’s staying on the cutting edge.

Turning Tech Advantages into Market Success

The groundbreaking technology and processes you employ in your business do more than just improve efficiency on the jobsite, they tell your clients that you care about their projects and are interested in going beyond the standard to get things done. Positioning your company’s tech interests as added value for your client’s products can set you apart from the pack.

The experts at Ripley PR can help. Our talented team of PR pros and content specialists know both sides of the construction technology field and can turn your company’s commitment to innovation into regularly-produced blogs, social media posts, earned media and more. We want to talk to you, so contact Ripley PR online, or give us a call at (865) 977-1973 today.

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