Constructing Your Construction Image

Does Construction Really Need Public Relations?

In the construction industry, professionals use materials to build structures. We can watch a store, bank, or school take shape into something concrete (sometimes literally).

Public relations professionals also use resources to build something of substance – your brand. It’s just a little harder to envision.

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Building projects inherently carry risk. For instance, a bridge that is under construction can have a catastrophic collapse, or a dispute with a local business owner could go viral. In moments like these, public relations expertise will be critical. You’ll need someone to manage the fallout and help protect your image. However, PR isn’t only for a crisis. It should be part of the building plans for your business.

In trade industries like construction, trust is crucial, which means your name/ brand is everything. Whether you want to generate B2B leads to build corporate headquarters, or B2C for new remodeling jobs, you need a potential client to know you exist and trust you enough to hire you. So how do you get someone you’ve never met to know or trust you? This is where construction public relations comes in. At Ripley PR, we help get your brand in front of decision makers in a way that builds credibility. We have a team of people who understand both the construction industry and the media, which is a rare combination.

Blueprint for Success

Public relations isn’t voodoo. We follow a blueprint that works. We have genuine storytellers who help identify what is unique about your business, craft compelling stories, and then engage our media contacts to encourage positive coverage. That’s different than just getting your name out there in a paid advertisement, which jaded consumers may distrust or ignore. There is certainly a time for advertising as well, but it can’t be your whole strategy. In this digital and social media age, savvy business owners engage with the public in different, more personal ways. They have blogs and social media strategies. If you’re busy working on project bids or hiring new contractors, how will you manage your image on social media (especially if an angry client decides to rant about you online)? These are things experts like the Ripley PR team can handle.

Engineering an Image

We don’t want to give away all our trade secrets, but I can tell you we go way beyond writing a press release and sending it to the media. Here is a truncated list of some of the services we provide to construction companies:

  • Identifying and Crafting Key Messages
  • Social Media Posts and Image Management
  • Blogs
  • Media Pitches
  • Press Releases
  • Crisis Planning/ Management
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Trade Show Support & Planning

For more information on how we can frame your construction image, contact Ripley PR today.

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