Communicating Your Franchise Story to Potential Owners

Every franchise network has two major stories to sell. Both are about value.

One story is for the customers, the people who are buying goods and services from franchise locations. The other story is for potential franchisees. Successful franchise public relations requires that your brand understand the difference between them.

Speaking to Your Customers

When deciding to do business with a franchise location, customers aren’t simply looking for a product or service to buy. They are buying into stories that other customers tell about their experiences, about the good things franchise locations do in their communities and about the quality of what they sell. This means you need to attention to online review management and know the right way to spread the good news about franchise locations on social media.

Speaking to Potential Franchisees

Before an entrepreneur is going to invest in your franchise network, they will want to know more than just numbers about expected profits and costs. They will want to know about the brand’s corporate culture and about the experiences of individual owners.

How to get these kinds of stories out in front of potential franchisees? By getting media placement for thought leadership articles by brand executives and by finding ways to generate media coverage for franchise owners and their successes.

Staying on Message

Whatever the case, your franchise brand will need to know how to tell its stories simply and clearly. Don’t overcomplicate the message. Writing in Forbes, Steve Olenski emphasizes the power of clearly communicating a brand’s story to the desired audience:

Doing this, will ensure the brand is intrinsically linked to the story’s message. This can range from ensuring your brand is known as one that will deliver quality results, to perhaps setting the brand above its rivals, be it as a champion, a maverick, or both. In either case, the brand needs to stand out, which sounds simple, but can easily be forgotten, especially in an overcomplicated story.

Let Us Help

If your franchise brand needs help promoting its stories and reaching its target audiences, Ripley PR’s team of experts can help. We’ll promote your brand’s messages through social media and earned media coverage. We know how to craft blogs and articles that can catch the attention of the media, customers and potential franchisees. Call (865) 977-1973 or check us out online.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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