Communicating with authority: Your company needs a professional spokesperson

In the home services industry, you may not think you have news to share so you’ve never considered appointing certain employees as spokespeople for your company should the need arise.

This is a false notion: home services often have good news to share and are sometimes called upon by the media to speak to the public during a crisis.

Whether this person is making an announcement, is asked to speak with authority on a topic related to your type of home service or is responding to a weather event or other emergency, you need a person who can not only speak well with the media but will also be known as the face of your company.

Keep these ideas in mind when making your selection:

  1. Chose a person with excellent communication skills. You need to select a spokesperson who can talk well with the media, but who can also communicate with your stakeholders whether that is your customers, your community or anyone else with a vested interest in your company.
  2. Pick someone who has training in media relations. The spokesperson must know how to handle press inquiries and be familiar with the types of questions journalists are likely to ask and how to answer them.
  3. Select a spokesperson who has some authority within your company. Your spokesperson does not have to be the president or CEO, but they should be well-informed about your organization, is someone the public can trust to be transparent and who can make decisions on the spot.
  4. Choose someone who can remain calm and collected. You don’t want someone who may bristle at tough media questions or who is afraid to speak in public. This person should be able to calmly respond to negative feedback while remaining positive about your organization and who can provide explanations with empathy and concern.

At Ripley PR, our home services public relations team can help you choose the right person for this job. We also provide media training and coaching, tips on how to use interviews to brand your company’s image and assist in obtaining speaking and writing engagements that will give your company more name recognition.

Media training also helps you stand out in your industry. As a home services executive, you know that your organization is probably one of many in your market. Being able to effectively communicate with the media and your stakeholders will give you a competitive edge. The press will come to you more often for advice on which brands you as a thought-leader in your market.

If you’re ready to bump up your home service pr game, call Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973 or contact us on our website.


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