Closing the Gap Between Tech and Construction

In just about every 2018 annual round-up of trends the construction industry is facing, tech adoption tops the list.

Project managers need to prioritize technology solutions.

Productivity and a skilled labor shortage are big challenges in the construction industry. Construction productivity has remained stagnant for 8 decades and with a smaller labor pool, construction professionals need technological solutions for boosting efficiency and streamlining job-site management.

Although the industry has traditionally been reluctant to adopt new technologies, according to McKinsey & Company, investment in construction technology is growing rapidly and construction tech companies are reaping the benefits.

How can my company benefit?

In a time of robotics, exoskeletons, drones, time-lapse cameras, and autonomous vehicles, construction companies have so many choices of technology to implement. While budgets are beginning to allow for more tech adoption, project managers still need to carefully consider and prioritize tech solutions. An effective construction public relations strategy can help your tech company capture the attention of potential adopters and increase trust in your brand.

Collaboration: Leaders in construction technology know that they do not need to be an all-in-one solution to succeed. Collaborating strategically with other solutions can deliver much better results. Technology collaborations also make for newsworthy stories.

Expertise: If your company was the first or is the best at something, this is newsworthy and can grab the attention of your audience. Your expertise is useful on various different topics and trends. Our PR team can help best identify what topics will best showcase your expertise.

Expand your audience: Your company is newsworthy to both tech and trade publications but those journalists are looking for different messages. Our team can craft that message to entice both audiences and increase your visibility.

Let Us Help

If you are ready to get your construction technology company noticed and rapidly build your customer base, we can help. Contact Ripley PR today!

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