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Zachary Phillips recently wrote in Construction Dive about the prevalence of app use on the modern jobsite. Citing last year’s 2020 ConTech Report by JBKnowledge, he noted that 92% of construction workers use their smartphone on a daily basis. While increased rates of tech adoption aren’t new, a striking opportunity has been uncovered. Phillips moved on to share that more than a quarter of participants in the same survey do not have the means to integrate data between their various construction apps.

As an agency specializing in construction public relations, we know how important it is for construction tech companies to not only attract the attention of more users but that of potential investors and even other companies in the space as well. Strategic partnerships can be incredibly valuable for driving business, and it makes the decision to partner and develop an integration when both companies are confident in each other’s brand and reputation.Construction public relations helps contech app developers form relationships for new integrations.

If you’ve already found success providing a solution to a specific challenge with your construction app but want to enhance your credibility and increase top of mind awareness among other major developers, consider the earned media advantage that PR can provide.

To start, partnering up with the right PR agency, especially one that’s already spent a respectable time in the Contech space like Ripley PR, will help both you and your selected firm hit the ground running early in the relationship.

While a good construction public relations strategy should be customized and tailored to your specific brand, some common components that will help elevate your brand among potential partners include:

  • Press releases that will keep your updates, funding announcements, key hires, and product releases in the news.
  • Media outreach seeking interviews that position your spokesperson as a trusted source in the industry.
  • Well-written case studies offering objective proof of the results your products deliver, pitched to and published in key trade outlets.

If you’re interested in closing the gaps between software applications for construction companies and staying top of mind for the biggest developers in the industry, reach out to Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973 and see how we can help.

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