Choose a franchise public relations team that gets home service

Running a successful home service business these days is no easy feat. Competition is fierce, and from facing recruiting woes during an ongoing labor shortage to simply managing a company’s reputation online and in the communities served, there are plenty of challenges for business owners to overcome.

Franchise systems like yours though can provide the edge that contractors need to get ahead of others competing in the same markets. The proven systems, brand recognition and strong marketing engines that franchisors bring to the table are all welcomed upgrades for contractors currently fighting against a revenue ceiling.Plumber from a home service franchise checks underneath a sink

However, there’s plenty of competition at the franchise level too. Why should one plumbing or HVAC contractor choose your system over another? If you haven’t already made franchise public relations part of your marketing budget, now’s a great time to find an experienced team that not only gets franchising, but gets home services too.

Be an expert in franchising…AND the trades

When searching for the right franchise public relations agency to partner with, we urge to consider the specific industry in which you operate. At Ripley PR for example, we have the privilege of working with amazing brands and journalists in both the franchising and home service industries every day and know what a difference it can make in communicating.

Here are some examples of how a PR team that understands both franchising and home services can help you reach the next level and attract more franchisees:

  • Secured earned stories in both national franchise media and national trade media
  • Announce new franchisees to generate momentum in their markets and show off your growth on a national level
  • Position your spokespersons as home service experts and thought leaders by helping develop educational articles for publishing in top trade magazines
  • Submit your franchise system for awards and rankings that add credibility to your brand
  • Develop dynamic social media and content support that will boost engagement and SEO

To learn more about Ripley PR and find out how we can help your home service franchise, contact us today by calling (865) 977-1973.


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