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The construction industry is turning to technology to accelerate past stalled productivity, and ConTech startups stand to benefit.

Facing a chronic skilled labor shortage, increased competition and economic pressures, contractors are turning to technological solutions at a growing pace. Writing in Forbes, Angelica Krystle Donati reports that the demand and need for productivity-boosting construction technology is enormous:

In one word – huge. the global construction industry was estimated to be worth over $17 trillion in 2017 and is forecasted to exceed $24 trillion in 2021. It is also an industry that is very much behind the curve in terms of innovation, especially with regards to construction methods. As we saw above, though there are significant advances being made around design and workflows, the actual construction still largely relies on traditional methodologies, with the exception of off-site manufacturing. 3D printing is still very much in the experimental “PR stunt” phase. Some estimate that even using only the ConTech tools we already have, widespread adoption would mean a sector productivity increase of 40%.

ConTech-Focused PR Leads the Way

This has, in turn, caught the eyes of investors, who are interested in cashing in on the demand by pouring funds into construction tech startups. In this environment, it’s important that your ConTech business doesn’t neglect developing and implementing a construction tech public relations campaign to boost its visibility.

With construction PR, you can make sure your news and information about your ConTech innovations land in front of the right decision-makers. With garnered media and a managed brand image that connects with all your potential investors and customers. Ultimately, your company sells to both of these groups, and with the right messaging, you won’t just be selling your product, you’ll be communicating why your solution blows the competition away.

If your ConTech company is looking to make its brand into an industry-wide name, look no further than the experts at Ripley PR to make it happen. Call us at (865)-977-1973 or contact Ripley PR online.

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