Can You Prepare for the Unexpected?

SMALL Back view silhouettes of two business partnersAs a business owner, you know to expect the unexpected, especially in the home services industry. Pipes burst, storms hit – things happens. But when the unexpected does hit your business, are you prepared for what to do?

A PR crisis plan that includes social media can help your home services public relations campaign, whether you’re faced with bad reviews or a potential scandal connected to your company.

First things first, your home services business needs to determine a point person. Who do you want interacting with your clients and/or with the media? Clearly defining these roles to avoid any miscommunications or mishandling of reporter’s inquiries is a critical first step

Once this role is defined, strategize with your PR agency about the methods of communication that will be used, as well as each component of your statements. Develop a cohesive statement that addresses the scandal or crisis and stick to it, while leaving the finer details for a press release at a later time. Journalists and media will probe for more information and you can direct them to the release.

You can reap benefits from social media by responding to complaints and/or praises on your Facebook feed or Angie’s List review. The third party feedback shows current and potential clients how open and honest you are; however, social media can backfire if you aren’t careful. Make sure you respond in a timely manner and do what you can to pull the conversation off of social media if it skews negative. Another consideration, if escalated, is to reach out to the person with your business phone number or email address so you can discuss the issue more in-depth.

Be prepared for the unexpected. Partnering with a PR agency that has experience with home service businesses can better equip you if a public relations crisis hits. The additional assistance can be valuable during a crisis and a PR partner will have staff with extensive experience and the tools to handle whatever situation arises. To find out more about how a PR agency specializing in B2B lead generation can help your company in a crisis situation, contact Ripley PR today.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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