Can third party endorsements help your sales?

In the construction business, you are always trying to find the best way to get your prospective customer to agree to choose you as the contractor for their project. You have rehearsed how to respond to all of the objections your prospect will come up with in order to make your sale. You are always looking for that next hook to try to make the deal. Did you know that public relations can positively influence that customer even before you meet them and overcome many of the objections they may have?

A good PR agency can create a strategy for your construction company that can significantly help your sales team by getting you earned media. Earned media is getting third party endorsements in the form of stories in industry or trade magazines. A PR agency like Ripley PR will inform the media, bloggers and influencers about your company. Many customers research businesses online before making the decision to purchase. Their decision is often influenced by what they find out during that search. If they discover positive articles and stories rather than negative reviews or complaints, this gives your sales team leverage and credibility.

Want to help your sales team overcome objections? Contact an excellent construction public relations company like Ripley PR.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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