Can public relations boost manufacturing’s image?

Here are some headlines from major news outlets in the first few weeks of 2020:

These all fit the popular perception of American manufacturing as an industry in decline. But the situation is more complicated than that.

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Ups and Downs

There are significantly fewer manufacturing jobs in the U.S. now than there were in 2000, but productivity has risen during the same period, in part because of technological innovation. Major manufacturers in the automotive, pharmaceutical, construction and paper industries are continuing to invest heavily in new production facilities around the country, and wages for American manufacturing employees are higher than the national average.

The industry faces big challenges, but its lingering negative image can make the business tougher than it needs to be. Manufacturing’s reputation needs a modern makeover that reflects its position as the backbone of the American economy, its role in innovation and technology development, and the opportunities it presents for young workers.

Emphasize the Positive

One effective step for any manufacturing company that wants to shed the industry’s negative image is public relations. An experienced manufacturing public relations agency like Ripley PR can accurately shape your brand’s story to highlight your commitment to American workers and American products and investment in local communities.

Tools like press releases, media relations, social media management, content marketing and crisis communications can help increase brand awareness, build your company’s reputation and credibility, recruit talent and support your effort to generate leads and sales.

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