Can Automotive Public Relations Engage Your Marketing’s Turbo?

Automotive public relations can help your aftermarket company take your marketing to the next level.Drivers in today’s economy count on their vehicle and need it to last. Vehicles, along with everything else, are only increasing in price and becoming more expensive to maintain. Thanks to aftermarket companies like yours, drivers have an opportunity to extend the life of their trusted transportation. But do they know about the solutions you offer? Whether it’s building more credibility in front of distributers or raising awareness among consumers, adding an automotive public relations strategy to your marketing plan can help make all of your marketing efforts more successful through launching new products and becoming a thought leader in the aftermarket space.

At Ripley PR, we understand that implementing successful PR as an automotive aftermarket manufacturer can be challenging on your own. From developing good content to nurturing relationships with journalists, and from issuing press releases to simply brainstorming new ideas, it’s a lot to manage when you already have a complex marketing engine to keep up with.

Here’s How a True Partner Can Help

Earned Media: For adding credibility, there’s no equal to earned media. Earned media is media that isn’t paid for, like when an industry reporter interviews a member of your team about a new product line you’ve announced. Jessica Wong reported earlier this year in Entrepreneur that 90% (or more) of consumers still trust earned media compared to 50% when it comes to paid placement. Getting it can be challenging without the relationships established by an effective automotive public relations partner. However, establishing an earned media presence will help make your other efforts more successful. When someone sees an ad or paid placement for your company and researches you online, what will they find in the news?

Content Support: Messaging is important, and consistent messaging is critical. Partnering with an experienced automotive public relations team that has in-house content development ensures your outbound key messages are in sync. From blog support to case studies and bylined articles, keeping your content production close to your media outreach can be extremely advantageous.

To learn more about improving the effectiveness of your marketing by implementing an automotive public relations strategy, contact us at Ripley PR. You can reach us online or by calling (865) 977-1973.


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