Bust These Home Service Myths with Great PR

Do you know the truth about the skilled trades? The negative myths about plumbers, HVAC technicians, electricians and many other skilled trades just aren’t true. Maybe you’ve heard a few, like the ones that paint home service professionals as messy or uneducated or dishonest.

Due to media coverage of the skilled trades shortage, those perceptions are changing, but not fast enough. If you’re a professional in the skilled trades, you’re probably tired of battling common misconceptions. But did you know that adding a good public relations strategy to your marketing plan can position you as the trusted expert in your local market? Here are just a few of the myths we bust, helping get home service professionals the respect they deserve.

1. Home Service Technicians are Messy

The stereotype of the slovenly plumber is completely untrue. In fact, I think it would be difficult to find a home service technician who isn’t neat and clean. Most home service technicians in my experience drive clean, clearly marked vehicles, wear crisp uniforms and make sure to put on booties when they enter a home.

Public relations can help you debunk this myth with photos of your staff and vehicles on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

2. Home Service Careers Aren’t Good Jobs

Sure, the world needs doctors and lawyers, but it also needs people who make a home’s systems work correctly. And these careers take a high degree of skill and training to do correctly. Home service professionals have to complete certifications and receive licensure from state agencies. Their skills involve mathematics, engineering, chemistry and physics. These are respectable career paths that aren’t easy to master.

Even better, these are jobs that pay well, and without a load of student debt after completing training. They’re smart career paths with plenty of room to grow.

A public relations agency can help you bust this myth with speaking engagements and appearances on local television and radio shows, showcasing your knowledge and setting you up as a trusted local expert.

3. Home Service Companies Will Try to Scam You

Most home service professionals truly want to help people solve problems. They work with homeowners during potentially stressful times and work hard to speak calmly about options and pricing. Many offer free estimates and warranties on their work.

However, customers researching you online long before they call your office, combing through reviews sites like Yelp and Google for signs that you’re less than honest. A public relations agency can help you monitor and respond to reviews and feedback on these sites and social media, showing that you are responsive to poor reviews and stand by your work, that you’re trustworthy and honest.

At Ripley PR we specialize in home service public relations, and we are proud to represent home service professionals in markets across the United States. These quality companies work hard to raise the bar for customer care every day, and we work alongside them to share their message. If you’re thinking about taking your home service PR and marketing to the next level, we would love to hear from you. Call (865) 977-1973 or contact Ripley PR online today.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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