Building a construction PR plan

Public relations is an essential tool for success in the changing construction industry

More and more construction companies are realizing the impact that a successful public relations strategy can have on their business. But inexperience and inefficiency are preventing many of them from seeing the results they expect.

Without a comprehensive strategy, it’s easy to work hard for minimal returns. Contractors who try to handle their own PR efforts may find that the extra hours they spend trying to connect with local media outlets or monitoring social media don’t add up. Similarly, working with an agency that doesn’t have specific experience in the construction industry can feel like spinning your wheels.

The right PR partner, however, can have a major impact. Instead of running in place, an experienced construction public relations agency will help you get ahead of the competition – and stay there. Here’s what a successful PR campaign can deliver:

  • Visibility: With strategic public relations and media management, your company can establish itself as the trusted leader in its service area.
  • Efficiency: When you turn your PR over to a team of professionals, you have more time and energy to focus on your job.
  • Credibility: Your company’s reputation is enhanced when it’s represented by an agency with a track record of reliability, integrity and quality.

If you’re putting more into PR than you’re getting in return, consider sharing the load with a leading construction public relations agency like Ripley PR. Call (865) 977-1973 or contact us online. We can help you develop and implement an in-depth, long-term plan that shows immediate results and builds directly on your success.



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