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Some have said the global COVID-19 pandemic has been like a war; industries have scrambled to find ways to hold on and make it through, and just like during periods of war, the forced adaptation has yielded innovation. Manufacturing is no different.

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, CEO of Instrumental, recently said of electronics manufacturers in particular:

As under-resourced teams face the challenge of solving COVID-19 problems, they’ll need technology that gets to the very root of these issues: solving for distance. Between solutions that leverage the power of the cloud for visibility and automation that optimizes work, necessity will drive invention: manufacturers will do five years of innovation in the next 18 months.

Whether your manufacturing company continued producing essential items at full-capacity throughout the crisis or endured closed doors and furloughs but is ready to rise again, there’s no doubt some part of the way you do business has changed. You’ve made innovations that will serve you long after the crisis.Manufacturing worker stands outside with mask

It’s a part of your story now…a part of your company’s DNA. And it’s exciting.

The questions remaining for your stakeholders and target audiences are: What have you learned from this? Have you made permanent changes? Will they improve your business? And how exactly are you planning to move forward?

To answer those, first ask yourself: How do you want to tell this story?

Before you attempt this narrative on your own, consider partnering with an experienced manufacturing public relations agency.

Controlling the message

Enlisting an expert team of manufacturing public relations professionals will help you get started by establishing a thorough communications plan. From there, they can help you address:

  • The industries you serve – By issuing press releases and posting engaging content announcing the innovations and positive changes you’ve implemented, the right PR team can foster confidence in your staying power among your target end users.
  • Current and future investors – Consistent media placement and top of mind awareness of your ability to adapt and survive will help establish your brand as a reliable investment.
  • Current and future employees – Social media campaigns, internal and external newsletters, and recruitment collateral can all be crafted if you partner with a PR team boasting an in-house content department. Your messaging will remain aligned with your other communications efforts, and your employees and future recruits will never doubt their importance to your organization.

If your manufacturing company is ready to start planning your post-coronavirus comeback and share the good news about your innovations, contact us at Ripley PR today by calling (865) 977-1973.

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