Breaking the Frame: Video and VR for Franchise Public Relations

There’s a revolution coming that will put potential customers and franchisees in the middle of the action when it comes to marketing your franchise business. Virtual reality and 360-degree videos and photos are opening up whole new possibilities for content marketing and franchise public relations.

What is VR?

VR is the computer-generated simulation of 3D images that can be interacted with through the use of special equipment such as headsets and hand-sensors.  With the commercial viability of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive as well as cheaper smartphone-based systems, VR is beginning to work its way into the mainstream.

360-degree video

Meanwhile, social media platforms like Facebook are integrating 360-degree photos and video options that provide a VR-like experience for viewers without the requirement of special equipment.

Kara Alaimo, Ph.D., writing for Public Relations Tactics, evangelizes about the marketing potential of the new technology:

PR professionals are storytellers for our brands. Imagine taking viewers on a VR tour of your factory, creating an experience of what it’s like to drive your sports car down the autobahn, or luring tourists with clips of walking the streets of Old Delhi. If the goal of public relations is to engage and build relationships with our stakeholders, then bringing them into the worlds of our brands may be the ultimate way of achieving this.

The potential of VR

Imagine being able to record a marketing video from a technician’s eye view. Have products to show off? Put the viewer in the middle of the experience. They may sound like magic, but VR and 360-degree imaging technology are simply tools that are well within reach of your business.

Would you like to learn more about the ways in which VR and 360-degree video can play a role in marketing your franchise business?  Contact Ripley PR today. Our experienced team is not afraid of tackling the latest technologies to use in boosting your company. Let us help.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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