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The construction industry is embracing technology. Every day, jobsites around the world are becoming more connected with Internet of Things devices, drones, AI and more. But how does a company like yours, buried deep in the B2B construction tech space, boost itself to visibility in such a crowded market? By working with an agency that specializes in construction tech public relations.

Technology like this is changing construction!

How can ConTech Companies Generate Buzz?

If you’ve been paying attention to the rest of the tech industry, big breakthroughs in niche fields can ride the waves of industry-wide hype, especially if they’re taking advantage of the newest technologies and buzzwords. AI and machine learning technologies, like those that are currently being deployed by construction tech startups around the world, have seen great success. So have companies using early 5G connections, and those speculating on its future.

While targeted, industry-specific news can be instrumental in giving your company visibility, so too can a byline or interview in a consumer-facing magazine or newspaper, especially if you’re doing something really exciting.

Software Solutions to Real-World Problems

Many companies are seeing success in the ConTech industry by positioning themselves as solutions to the lack of manpower on today’s jobsite. From streamlining reports and oversight to changing the way materials are delivered, if your company is doing something new in this rapidly-changing industry, there’s a good chance it’ll be noticed. A strong public relations campaign can help make sure it is.

A Hybrid Approach to Fit Your Company’s PR Needs

Construction tech is a growing B2B industry with real challenges to overcome, and real solutions that are making a difference. It’s helping contractors and construction companies hit time and budget goals on more projects than ever before. It’s bringing Silicon Valley strategy to the manual backbone of America’s building boom.

When you’re looking for the kind of brand recognition that converts leads into sales or subscriptions, go with an agency that understands that. Ripley PR has nearly a decade of experience serving the construction tech field, and we know how to provide real value to this long-underserved market. Contact Ripley PR online, or give us a call at (865) 977-1973 to learn more.

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