Brand Reputation: Capitalizing on your Good Name

Reputation is something that carries weight for all businesses. Brand reputation is paramount when it comes to building a successful one. There is a reason why consumers gravitate to Nike or Adidas when looking for sneakers or Lexus when they are looking for a luxury vehicle. That’s because those brands have developed a reputation for great quality. The same applies to your home service company.

Home service public relations provide the perfect opportunity for your company to earn the reputation it deserves. PR firms that have years of experience in the industry, like Ripley PR, have the tools to get your name in the press and bolster your brand to new heights.

Below are some ways that PR can help your home service company build its reputation:

  • Strong online presence: Social media has become the new frontier when it comes to building a reputation. More people receive their news from Facebook and Twitter than most newspapers or the evening news. The experts at Ripley PR can help you develop your social media sites to allow for more engagement with customers. Providing excellent content about your business including awards or company growth will further enhance your reputation. Our experts can also increase traffic to your website by utilizing proven SEO strategies in the content we produce.
  • Earned media: The press holds value when it comes to building a reputation. If a potential customer reads positive news about you from an established journalist, they are likely to perceive it as being true. At Ripley PR, we can create content about your company to pitch to local or trade publications that showcases its excellent service and quality. The value of a positive news article is priceless when it comes to building a reputation. These articles can also be shared on your social media platforms for broader coverage.
  • Customer reviews: Customer review platforms, such as Yelp, serve as a gathering point for consumers looking for recommendations. Ensuring you have positive reviews is a must for any contractor in the trades. At Ripley PR, our experts can monitor and reply to customer reviews, negative or positive, to make sure your clientele remains satisfied.

If you are ready to take your brand reputation to the next level, give our experts a call at (865) 977-1973 or online.


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