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The automotive industry is indeed changing. The future focus is on the use in order to make individual users’ lives more enjoyable, more efficient and safer.  According to Industry Week, a new study projects that the global automotive industry will undergo the most significant transformation in its history over the next 15 years.  Are you ready?  Have you built a firm brand awareness with essential car companies?  Ripley PR can help you stay ahead of the curve.

The study further predicts that “core technologies will change, new forms of organizational setup will emerge, employees will have to meet new requirements and new business models will develop.” If you are manufacturing OEM parts or providing the hottest, genuine accessories, effective communication with your customers is more important than ever.  Ripley PR helps B2B auto companies establish a strong brand identity and brand loyalty.   Let us help put your brand in the forefront.

You need a partner that understands industry trends.

The younger, tech savvy generation will have a key role in driving the transformation of the automotive industry.  If your company has a new product to launch, a company expansion, or anything bright and shiny, the car companies will want to know about it in order to reach that valued consumer, especially if you specialize in onboard computers and software systems.  At one time, the media focused mainly on the buy and sell exchange, however B2B initiatives are finally getting attention.

Letting an experienced automotive public relations team like Ripley PR work on a targeted branding campaign will keep your brand top of mind and stand out from the competition. Contact us today at (865) 977-1973 or shoot us an email.  We can successfully promote your brand, and influence those important decision makers with our proven strategies.


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