Boosting B2B Lead Generation for 2016

lead_genThe on-demand economy is here and B2B brands need to take note if they want their lead generation to increase throughout 2016. Did you know that 76 percent of B2B buyers use at least three marketing channels to research their purchase? Your company will fall behind without modifying your efforts.

We’ve seen what B2B public relations can do for lead generation in the past and for the New Year, there are new tactics that can boost your conversion rates regardless of your industry. Below are some of the top ways you can leverage PR for your B2B lead generation:

  • Content Marketing: For B2B technology buyers, more than 60 percent say they read up to five pieces of relevant content before making a purchase. If your brand isn’t pushing the credibility of your product, services and yourself with blogs, press releases, white papers, case studies and more, you might fail to grab the attention of leads.
  • Videos: Where written content can only go so far, visual content can give your B2B lead generation an extra push. Consumers want more video marketing on websites and social media, making it very important to the purchasing process. For B2B brands, these videos need to speak to what keeps your customers up and night and if they don’t hint at a solution, they may not have a solid ROI.
  • Go Mobile: Sixty four percent of American adults own a smartphone. When you think about how many B2B buyers will research on their phones, mobile marketing can definitely help with lead generation. Your website needs to be mobile friendly as well as every piece of content you push out. Take advantage of location-based services and consider click-to-call links as well.

Maximizing B2B lead generation requires strategy to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. While this may seem daunting, our B2B public relations efforts can help support your lead generation. To find out more, contact us today.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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