Boost your email campaigns with home service PR

Unsubscribes and low engagement metrics getting you down?

If you’re not considering email campaigns a vital part of your plumbing and HVAC company’s 2020 marketing plan, we need to chat.

During 2019, Statista estimated that an average of 293 billion emails were sent and received each day. This year, the same report projects that figure to increase to more than 306 billion per day. Regardless of email now being used less frequently to communicate with friends and relatives, the tried-and-true platform’s use for professional communications and marketing purposes is on the rise with no slowing down in sight.EMail marketing campaign to plumbing and HVAC customers

Maybe you’ve tried it before and were discouraged by your performance – low open rates, nonexistent click-throughs, annoyed customers unsubscribing and no clear ROI.

Maybe it’s simply foreign territory and you don’t know where to start.

Whether you’re launching a new campaign from scratch or rebooting, we recommend partnering with an experienced home service public relations team. At Ripley PR, we pride ourselves not only on our deep understanding of home service but on offering a full-suite of PR and marketing solutions, and we know how to integrate all of those solutions into a strategic, effective email campaign that drives service and installs.

Repurpose, Reuse, Results

It’s great to have engaging social media, educational blogs and interviews with your local TV stations. However, if all of that great content is left in its own channels, it’s not reaching its full potential. For example, blogs and interviews should be shared across your social media, and social media should be easily accessed from your website.

Likewise, a savvy home service public relations team can help integrate all of the content they’re already developing into compelling emails that engage your customers and leads.

  • Social media accounts: The writers on your PR team will know a thing or two about a strong call to action, and including one that makes it easy to follow your social media accounts ensures customer engagement and top of mind awareness for your company across mediums.
  • Blogs: Linking out to relevant blogs on your website provides more information and advice, positioning you as an expert and helping the customer decide to enlist your services.
  • Earned media: One of the most important roles of a PR team is securing stories and segments with the media in your service areas. It’s great to share those on social media, but they should be included in your emails too! Positive interviews with the press help position you as the trusted, go-to expert in your market, and including a link in a marketing email can lend more credibility to your services and drive more bookings.

To take your email campaigns to the next level with a seasoned home service public relations agency, contact Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973.

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