Best Practices for Promoting Your Construction Business

Promotion trumps advertisements in today’s world.

Gone are the days of television commercials and billboards. No one watches traditional TV anymore and when is the last time you gave someone your business based on a billboard sign?

Nowadays, your construction company needs positive promotion. You need to build trust and credibility with your new audience – and that takes a certain skillset. It’s an art.

And construction public relations can help take that burden off your shoulders because PR professionals are trained in the art of promotion.

In the meantime, here are some best practices to keep in mind when promoting your construction business.

Utilize Social Media

If you don’t already have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts set up for your construction business, that’s a good place to start.

Those platforms have two main things in common: They are popular and they are visuals-based.

Popularity is important because you want to reach as many potential clients as possible with each post you publish.

Visuals are important because they are fun and, most importantly, engaging.

And that’s what social media is all about – engaging with your audience. They’ll remember your brand if they’ve had a chance to interact with you. And social media is the perfect place for interaction.

Always Announce New Developments

Are there any new products you’ve started using? Any new technologies you’ve incorporated into your workflow? Any new business expansions or acquisitions? All of these things are new developments worthy of, at the very least, a blurb on your website. Or, at the very most, a press release for pertinent news and media outlets.

Announcing new developments makes your construction company look relevant and fresh. It promotes a feeling of growth and keeps you from looking outdated and stagnant.

Showcase Testimonials

Don’t be afraid to be loud and proud with positive client testimonials on your website.

Anyone who lands on your site is going to be someone who’s looking for a construction company. Which means they have project needs to be filled. Which makes them potential clients.

If the first thing they see is a past client vouching for you, that’s going to make for a pretty good first impression.

Also, be sure to include visuals. Make sure you have photos of smiling faces and completed projects waiting to welcome whoever finds your site. PR professionals know the ins and outs of positive promotion – and our team at Ripley PR specializes in serving construction businesses. We’d love to help you out. Contact us today at Ripley PR to find out more.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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